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World wide standard / Cellphone compatible from 2o daller / 1 year

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  • ● ONLY 3 steps to get your certificate
  • ● No documents required, only EMAIL validations needed
  • ● JP domain names compatible

【NO documents required, EMAIL validation only.】

  • ● GET you certificate now
  • (1)Order and payment
  • (2)input information for your SSL certificate
  • (3)Click the approve button
  • Your SSL certificate will be delivered by EMAIL NO documents, NO phone call validation. Required informations for Order

【SSL certificates are bundled in Gran Power server Plans】

  • ● No additional Fees

【Select your SSL certificate by what you need and how much you can pay】

Essentialwid essential
Comodo EssentialSSL Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard
JP domain required UNLIMITED FQDN under one domain
Cost 1,980円/年 9,480円/年
Delivery Time 24 hours 24 hours
Filing no no
Damages $10,000 $10,000
term of Certificates 1-5 years 1-5 years
free reissue
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 7 days
SSL Seal Smart Seal Smart Seal
Japanes domais
License 1FQDN all of subdomains
Root Certificate Entrust Secure Server CA Entrust Secure Server CA
Encryption Strength 256bit 256bit
PC 100% 100%
Smart Phone 100% 100%
Cellure Phone 95% 95%

【Necessary Information to your registered】

1 admin mail address You must have one of the addresses below. if it does not exist, please create in advance. You will receive the Certificate of order for approval to this address.
admin@domains of Certificates administrator@domains of certificates hostmaster@domains of Certificates
webmaster@domains of Certificates
postmaster@domains of Certificates
2 CSR Example of String 認証局 The web server to pre- use an SSL certificate , create a secret key (2,048bit required) , to generate in the form , including the application information of SSL. For specific generating method , please contact us to the available server management bidder.
3 web server names Is required at the time of application . Please inform the web server name of your use . Basically , SSL certificate is available regardless of the type of web server , if you apply at the actual and different web server name , there is a thing that is not accustomed to rarely available in compatibility issues . Please refrain from the exact web server name and version . (example: Apache2、IIS7 )