Commercial & Personal use / NO Ads / Reasonable high performance servers

Shared Hosting

High performance Shared Hosting from 500JPY/mo.

  • ● Customize your server from your web browser
  • ● 24/7 user support available
  • ● CGI, PHP, MySQL, Ruby supported

Dedicated line / Multi servers / Managed services available

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server from 8200 JPY/mo.

  • ● 10Mbps/100Mbps/1Gbps bandwidth
  • ● Fully managed services with 5000 JPY/mo.
  • ● Offer discounts for the second and more servers.

Start your own Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting reselling PLUS

Shared Hosting from 4980 JPY/mo.

  • ● Unlimited domains, accounts
  • ● Your own domain name and trademarks
  • ● Full managed services available

Four advantages

  • (1) We will help you.

    We support you via email instead of telephone. Please let us know when you face difficulties, if we can do, we will log in your server and configure for you.

  • (2) Easy installation of software

    You can easily install over 200 kinds of software such as Wordpress, shopping cart system, bulletin board and SNS system which are necessary for your internet business.

  • (3) Powerful Internet environment

    Unlimited band width and powerful server.
    Unlimited data transfer and high speed line which are necessary for your internet business, and it also contributes SEO.
    The powerful server which has 2 x cpu, 48 x core and 64GB memory gives strength to your internet business.
    We provide adequate server resource in spite of shared hosting.

  • (4) You can easily apply private SSL.

    First of all you should apply SSL to keep your server secure.
    It cost for many other shared hosting server to install and configure SSL.
    But we won't charge for the installation and configuration, you pay for SSL certificate only, even if multi domains.
    Private SSL raises SEO score of your website, too.