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  • ● unlimited domains, accounts
  • ● use your own domain name and trademarks
  • ● Full managed services available

【Start your own Shared Hosting business】

  • Start NOW/TODAY
  • Start with NO expert knowledges
  • Start with YOUR Brand use your own domain names and trademarks
  • Create your customer’s account any time from your control panel
  • Create your own Shared Hosting plan and service menu
  • Check your server’s resources(disk, traffic, mail account, domain, databases etc.) any time
  • Manage your customer’s control panel from admin account
  • Manage DNS records
  • Easy to transfer accounts from other server operators
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Custommer support is available for reseller only

14 Days FREE Trial

plan Band Ensemble Orchestra
Disk 100 GB 160 GB 320 GB
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
6 month payment 400 dollar (tax included) 600 dollar (tax included) 1,000 dollar (tax included)
12 month payment 600 dollar (tax included) 1,200 dollar (tax included) 1,600 dollar (tax included)
Trial 2 week 2 week 2 week
Order NOW
Domain Original Domain Subdomain Original Domain SubDomain Original Domain SubDomain
Multi Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
forwarding Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSH accounts 1 by 1 account 1 by 1 account 1 by 1 account
FTP/SFTP accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail address Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Center In Japan In Japan In Japan
OS CentOS 6 CentOS 6 CentOS 6
Avaiability same as shared hosting same as shared hosting same as shared hosting

Server Function

Customize settings Original DNS hostname
Control panel customize Logo/Copyright/Link change is OK
ADMIN control panel administration of user account
setting of hosting plan
account of administrator ◯ admin account is OK for any account. Authentication setting is OK.
DNS setting
USER account administration Number fo user accounts anytime you can get making unlimited accounts
administration account  Making admin accounts is OK.
USER FTP/SSH FTP accounts unlimited
SSH (CLI/shell)
SSH Accounts
USER e-mail Number of e-mail addresses unlimited
Web mail 3 pattern of webmail we can provide.
Usage of other server
make mail address to fowarding unlimited
all of sending on one time unlimited
auto responder (Auto reply) unlimited
mail filter
spam filter
Virus filter
USER Environment of program working MySQL 5 unlimited
SQLite 3 (via pdo)
PHP 5.3
Perl 5
Ruby on Rails
library of image work GD、ImageMagick、NetPBM
USER control panel Number of Admin account  ◯
file access from web
password Authentication
USER easy.htaccess directory Number of setting is umilimted.all web site and all of directory.
Access control permit and refuse from host name
MIME type setting
setting of handler
default languages setting
setting of PHP Environment variable Environment variable of PHP can change /Setting of Magic Quotes GPC / Setting of Register Globals / many things do example of appearence of error massage
redirect redirect to other resources because settings.
setting of index seting of access the file and the path without index.
Protect of direct Link Protect the direct link from other site to your site.
USER Server Log AWStats Grafical UI and we recommend this software.
Analog simple UI and very popular log analtics software.
Access log files   last 7 days
error log files  last 7 days
USER SSL shared SSL https://(server name)/~(user name)/
USER backup prevent of data
data backup on local PC
data backup to other server  upload autmatically via FTP、SFTP、SCP
work on schudule  every day/every week/every month/ same time
Support Customer support  24/7 user support available
24×7×365 monitoring
root ×
Customer support ×
Control Panel